Pernambuco, Recife Brazil


Happy and hospitable people, formed by an ethnic mixture of Afros, Europeans and Indians, Pernambuco has a population of 7.4 million. This mixture of races resulted in a very rich culture, where Rock, Maracatu, Frevo and Manguebeat live in harmony.

Permanently catching the tourists attention, is a contagious combination of sounds, rhythms, music, dances, and the rich traditional culture linked with its origins, and with a lot of love for Pernambuco. During Carnival, the Maracatus, Caboclinhos and dancers invade the slopes of Olinda. On Good Friday, Nova Jerusalém (located in Brejo da Madre de Deus city, 130 km from Recife) changes completely to represent the Passion of Christ. Its the biggest outdoor theater in the world.

In July, the attention is turned to the cities of the INTERIOR, which receive thousands of tourists. Fireplaces - some gigantic - corn foods and Quadrilhas (a group of people dancing in the same way), turned Caruaru (rural area, 120 km from the capital) into the biggest Brazilian festival held in June, which is called São João. At Christmas, the traditional and colorful Pastoris celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Sítio da Trindade, in Casa Amarela district, in Recife, popular celebrations to Christmas solemnities take place. The Shows are free.

The most populous city is the capital, Recife, followed by Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Olinda (both from the Metropolitan area of Recife) and Caruaru, (in the rural area of Pernambuco). The indigenous people that lives in the state has a population of about 16 thousand, dispersed at several municipal districts from Pernambuco like Aguas Belas, Pesqueira, Buíque, Salgueiro.